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Graffiti Artist

Viivi Vierinen, in the street art scene better known as Viv Magia, is an internationally working Finnish graffiti artist, visual artist and art conservator. From the traditional painting background she has moved mostly to the street art and graffiti during the past few years. She works with commissioned works, collective projects and all kind of crazy interesting art projects that call her interest. You can experience her paintings from the center of Helsinki, Finland, to the distant small neighborhoods of La Paz, Bolivia. Magia is everywhere.

Latin America, all the different indigenous people and tribes, human rights and natural mystic give her a great endless inspiration. One of her biggest passions is to present the cultural diversity, and in that kind of way connect the world more together. Often her artworks are reflecting also touching stories and deep feelings sighing feminine energy.

Viv Magia has been working as an instructor in many street art and graffiti workshops in Finland for example cooperating with Mimmit peinttaa assosiacion and many others. In addition to working in the street art, she also works as an art conservator. As a conservator she has been working for example in the Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Helsinki Kunsthalle, Vantaa Art Museum Artsi and Chilean conservation center Centro Conservación y Restauración.

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